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ABDULLAH ALZAROONI Advocates and legal consultants' law firm is composed of a group of advocates and legal consultants in different judicial specializations

As established by an Emirate citizen. The law firm has a distinguished advantage that is having experience in local laws, as well as in the same time, understanding the needs and requirements of the clients overcoming the cultural and linguistic obstacles through diversified legal jurisprudence   and pan-world background of the advocates

In the course of legal work and its broader practice, we seek to provide the best efficient precision and protection to meet the individual needs of our clients in an effective manner, besides keeping up the quality and the standards that we establishment our reputation thereon, that is why many large companies deal with us to provide legal consultation and following up on their judicial case 

 Our legal services:

Contracts and agreements

Legal consultations -Pleading before Courts

 Because of the integrity between business and law, we offer advices and consultancy for our clients in the field of laws of the United Arab Emirates, putting all our experience at  their service in order to helping make a success of their businesses and projects and secure protection to their interests for avoidance of any barriers whatsoever

Insurance and Indemnity Cases

  Mortgage and Loans Cases

Mortgage and Loans Cases

Rental Disputes

Personal Status Cases

Legacy Cases

Criminal Cases

Civil Claims

Commercial Cases

Real Estate Cases

Following up Their Procedures

Labor Cases

Intellectual Property Cases

Companies Cases

Lawsuits Concerning Airline and Maritime Laws

Companies Incorporation and Contracts Drafting

Development of Establishment Procedures

Companies Liquidation

Taxes -Related Cases

Bankruptcy Case

Arbitration Claims

Cheques Cases

Divorce Cases

Fileing Complains

For more information about our services please contact us, and our teams will be happy to assist you

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