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AL Halabi Fabric Sheds‎ - مصنع الحلبي للمظلات

مظلات الفيبر جلاس - Fiber Glass Car Shades

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AL Halabi Fabric Sheds‎ - مصنع الحلبي للمظلات

Al Halabi Tanks Factory Specialized in manufacturing   various  types  of car parking shade structures like Arch design, Bottom support design, Cone single pole design, Pyramid design, Single pole design offers contract-based repair and maintenance services for and car-parking shades. The availability of this after-sales service has helped the Al Halabi Tanks Factory gain the trust of an increasingly large number of small, medium and large clients.

Car Parking shades

Al Halabi Factory provides the best and latest design of the car parking Shades:

Arch design

Bottom support design

Cone single pole design

Pyramid design

Swimming Pool Sheds

For more information and inquiries please call General Manager Mr. Isamail

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