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Al Halabi Water Tanks

Manufacturing and Supply Water Tanks

Water Tanks Supplier in the UAE- Sharjah- Dubai- Abu Dhabi - Ajman

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Al Halabi Water Tanks

ibc tank wholesalers GRP Water Tanks

Al Halabi Tanks Factory


Founded in 2004, the Al Halabi Water Tanks Factory is a specialist in the manufacturing and assembly of GRP Water tanks and sheds. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company offers a wide variety of products to clients in the UAE, GCC region as well as in North and East Africa.

The company specializes in an extensive variety of horizontal, vertical and customized water tanks and other GRP products made from fiberglass, aluminum and waterproof fabric. Some of the most popular products include GRP Panel Tanks (Hot & Cold Press), GRP Lining for Concrete Tanks, Fiber Glass Tanks, Polyethylene Water Tanks, PVC Water Proof Sheds, Fiber Glass Car Sheds, Fabric Car Sheds and Aluminum Car Sheds.


Products and Services -GRP Water Tanks



Water Tanks Sharjah

FIBER GLASS TANKS -water tank suppliers in sharjah

water tanks Dubai

GRP LINING FOR CONCRETE TANKS - water tank suppliers in ajman

POLYETHYLENE WATER TANKS - water tank price in uae

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 IBC Tank ibc tanks suppliers in uaeSupplier


PVC WATER PROOF SHEDS- ibc suppliers

FIBER GLASS CAR SHEDS -1000 gallon water tank price in dubai

FABRIC CAR SHEDS - 1000 litre water tank price in uae

ALUMINIUM CAR SHEDS- grp water tank price in uae

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GRP Water Tanks

Water Tanks Supplier in the UAE- Abu Dhabi

Water Tanks Supplier in Duba and sharjah - Ajman

About our Products:1000 litre water tank price in uae

GRP PANEL TANK HOT PRESS: UAE5000 gallon water tank price in uae


Al Halabi sectional tank panels are hot press moulded in glass reinforced plastics (GRP) using isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins and electrical glassfibre reinforcement.The panels are moulded at temperatures up to 150°C under strict quality control disciplines. The process results in strong, consistent panels which are fully cured, dimensionally accurate with sharply defined profiles and smooth surfaces on both faces.2000 gallon water tank price in uae


Glass-Reinforced Plastic (otherwise known as fiberglass or GRP) is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibres of glass. It is an inexpensive, lightweight, extremely strong, robust material and can be easily formed using moulding processes.

POLYETHYLENE WATER TANKS: UAE grp water tank price in uae

poluthelene water tanks UAE

Polyethylene tanks are made by the roto molding or the plastic welding process.5000 gallon water tank price in uae

Polyethylene water tanks are water tanks that are able to store substances that are used for all sorts of purposes. Polyethylene Water Tanks are used in a variety of industries, such as the agricultural, oil/gas, water, waste treatment and pharmaceutical industries.

Polyethylene tanks have several advantages over the traditional steel tanks. Their seamless construction provides them with greater impact strength and superior resistance to rust, corrosion and fuel additives.

Polyethylene water tanks are the most conventional, economical, most widely chosen water tank bought these days.

IBC Tank - ibc tanks suppliers in uae


1000 Litre IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). IBC (TOTE) containers made from strong durable blow moulded HDPE high-density polyethylene. UN approved.

Galvanised mild steel
Large ‘Ticket’ identification plate above valve outlet, Large documentation plate on back (opposite side to valve) 4 way entry galvanised mild steel perimeter pallet
Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 1160mm

Inner Container:-
1000 Litre light duty blow moulded High Density Polyethylene bottle
Litre/Gallon markers to indicate the amount of liquid within the tank

50mm integral butterfly valve, inner seal ETFE, with S60 x 6 male thread and screw cap
150mm top centre screw cap with TPE seal, pressure vent and rain cap

ibc containers price uae

Sectional Tanks UAE

water tanks Dubai-SHARJAH-ABU DHABI-UAE sectional_tank_water_tanks

Industrial Sectional Water Tanks – GRP

Industrial water tanks or Sectional water tanks are an ideal solution for the storage of large volumes of water and for applications where access is restricted. These tanks are manufactured to specific applications in GRP panel format and are site assembled. AL Halabi Water Tanks  is a well-established supplier of industrial sectional GRP tanks with a proven track record in completing projects of excellent quality.



Water Tanks

AL Halabi Fabric Sheds‎ - مصنع الحلبي للمظلات

Al Halabi Tanks Factory Specialized in manufacturing   various  types  of car parking shade structures like Arch design, Bottom support design, Cone single pole design, Pyramid design, Single pole design offers contract-based repair and maintenance services for and car-parking shades. The availability of this after-sales service has helped the Al Halabi Tanks Factory gain the trust of an increasingly large number of small, medium and large clients.

Car Parking shades

Al Halabi Factory provides the best and latest design of the car parking Shades:

Arch design

3000 gallon water tank price in uae -car parking shades sharjah

Bottom support design

car parking sheds sharjah

Cone single pole design

parking sheds

Pyramid design

Swimming Pool Sheds

Supplier in Sharjah - Oman-KSA-Sudan

For more information and inquiries please call General Manager Mr. Isamail or send a WhatsApp Message.

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