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HIGH CUBE  Cargo Containers Trading 

Cargo Containers Trading 


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HIGH CUBE  Cargo Containers Trading 

About Us :

HC Containers Trading the world’s first trading  company fo selling and buying used cargo containers such as: Used shipping containers 40’s & 20’s dry and Reefer containers.

Our company was established by founders with extensive experience in the logistics, shipping and cold chain industries. Inspection and certification of units prior to purchase, We are based in UAE the hub of containers in the Middle East, we provide our services to all GCC countries and other countries through our agents in the world wide,Shipping container sales is the heart of our business. At HC container we are a bunch of people who simply want to offer you a range of shipping containers and shipping container derived products to choose from them. So you can find the solution that you need whether it is storage, accommodation, shipping or an engineering application.    

Our Products & Services :         

  • Sales for New/Used Marine cargo worthy container
  • Modification and conversion of 20’std to 10’, conversion of 40 & ’20’std to Open Top, conversion of 40,’40,’20’HC to Port cabin and Toilet purposes
  • Land freight / Overland to the world especially in Jordan for all type of Cargo
  • Overland transport within U.A.E and G.C.C country
  • Supply of New/Used Port cabin for rental and sale purposes for construction Sites
  • Any other support services

Categories :

Dry Cargo  Container        


       Flat Rack Cargo Container


Open Top Cargo Container


 Cargo Container for construction sites& storage purposes 


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