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Tower Crane supplier in the uae

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Top Go Group  is the market leader in construction equipment supplies in the UAE, providing the industry with top-of-the-line, premium branded SANY Tower cranes, passenger & material construction hoists, suspended platforms and aluminum scaffoldings from renowned manufacturers worldwide

Based in Dubai and established since 2008, Top Go has been the construction equipment supplier of many iconic projects in the UAE and can also supply spare parts for construction equipment. It has warehouses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The year 2017 Thanks all our TOP GO family members we have total sale 80sets for only Tower cranes


Tower Crane         Mobile Crane 

Cradle&BMU         Passenger Hoist

Spare Parts          Weichai Generator

Placing Boom     Concrete Pump 


SANY  Tower Crane 

SANY  Tower Crane has coverage from 6t-16t lifting capacity. The hoisting, slewing and trolleying mechanisms are designed to make the Tower Crane  produce fast speed, great lifting capacity, and wide reach. With high-end configuration, intelligent safety technologies and optimal structure, our tower crane  for sale are suitable for lifting large and heavy building materials on the most demanding jobsites.

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

Top Go Placing Boom & Concret Pump 

Top Go placing boom  is featured by excellent quality, high efficiency, rapid installation and 360° rotation. The concret placing booms prove their worth in various applications including high rise buildings

Tower Crane supplier in the uae


 TOP GO BMU's leading provider in the Design, Manufacture, Installation of BMUs in UAE

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

TOP GO Passenger & Material Construction Hoist

TOP GO Construction HOISTS premier provider of upgradable industrial elevators for materials and personnel, With reliability, flexibility, safety and low cost of ownership, our construction hoists are a sensible investment

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

We sell a full range of rack & pinion,sections and cable elevators for any application

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

TOP GO suspended platforms

We are premier supplier of suspended platforms to dealers and distributors UAE  ,Since 2008 we have already took 60% market share for suspended platform

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

Tower Crane Spare Parts 

 we offer a wide range of tower crane spare parts, We will assist you in choosing the most suitable spare parts and high quality 

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

 We offer all kinds of  Passenger & material construction hoists, Suspended platforms SpareParts


For more information about  our services please contact us , and our teams will be happy to assist you

Tower Crane supplier in the uae

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