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Bait Al Nokhada has created a unique tent structure in response to the call from the Federal Government to provide drive-thru testing facilities throughout the country.


This is a way for testing to be done to prevent congestion at local hospitals and keep the public safe from contamination.


These structure can be modified , both in width and length, to accommodate any size footprint , while providing protection from the elements.


The structure shown is 20’ wide by 20’ long  but can be adapted to your specific requirements based on the available footprint.


Bait Al Nokhada can have a facility in place within 72 hours post conformation anywhere across the UAE .


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Optional accessories include:


  1. Lighting.
  2. Audio equipment
  3. Air conditioning system
  4. All types of tables and chairs
  5. Stage
  6. Mobile toilets
  7. All types of flooring system
  8. Glass doors, glass wall and ABS hard wall, sandwich wall
  9. Full clear covers and sidewalls, clear PVC windows;
  10. Rain gutter, drain pipe;
  11. Decorative roof and wall lining, inside curtains, etc.



Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC

The Leading  Steel Structure And Warehouse Manufacturing Company Based At UAE - Gulf, Middle East And Africa


FABRIC SHADE STRUCTURES: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Why fabric shade structures give better benefits than canvas, wood, GRP, Metal shade systems?


Normally, other types of shading system like wooden pergolas or gazebos requires a lot of maintenance works such as repainting on a regular basis, Canvas shade on the other hand will consume time for cleaning since we need to dry them off after washing, while metal and GRP shade system locks in heat especially during daytime given that it absorbs a lot of heat. Aesthetically, these types of shading systems provide squared and very limited shapes that are all common in all other structures.

Fabric shades gives you the benefit of cozy and breathable shade (HDPE-High Density Polyethylene Fabric) experience because it reflects back heat absorption and blocks from 92%- 99% UV rays depending on its various colors available. It is easy to maintain, washable with tap water and detergent not but not that often. Our other fabric product, (PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride Fabric), also maximizes heat protection and at the same time flame retardant that ensures the safety for all. Generally, fabric shades looks better than any other shading system as it takes various shapes and forms that anyone can imagine.


2. Why to choose Bait Al Nokhada for my shade needs?


Bait Al Nokhada has been in operation for more than 17 years providing maximum satisfaction to each and every client that we deal with. Enquiries from our valued clients will be evaluated, checked and inspected thru actual site visits if necessary and accordingly create a concept proposal to client through drawing with corresponding value in UAE Dirham, which serves as our sales quotation. Shade Structures are pre designed before its construction, to ensure its stability and safety. According to its approved designs, it will be then implemented on fabrication and installation supervised by the expertise of our qualified professionals to ensure its quality.


3. Are the Fabrics Waterproof? Fire Retardant?


Yes, (For PVC Fabric Only) we used waterproofed fabric in a sense that it can be washed and dries up automatically consuming less time. It is flame retardant where the fabric won’t drip and self-extinguishes in less than a minute when it catches fire. In the case of HDPE Fabric, although water goes through it, still it can be classified as waterproofed since it a non-porous material, it does not absorb water unlike that canvas fabric. It can be washed and dry easily as well.


4. If needed, can this fabric be easily removed for repair or cleaning?


Yes, these fabrics are fixed with fixing accessories that are temporarily attached to a steel member, so that if its time to remove it, fabric can be detached from the frameworks without even damaging it.


5. How long do the Shade Fabrics last?


We give 10-15 year warranty for the fabric and guaranteed to last that long.


6. How are Shade Structures anchored?


Normally, shade structures are fixed and stabilized with pre designed RC foundations; otherwise it will be anchored with chemical bolts if RC slab /structure is present. This also applies with RC walls and beams for sail shades.


7. Can Bait Al Nokhada help me with everything from design to installation?


Yes, our qualified executives will assist you from shade proposals to fabrications, and installation.

Storage Tent Structure

Storage Tent is your permanent/temporary solution for all the trading and logistic companies.

The aluminium used to manufacture the PVC Tent and is the same with aluminium used to make strong and lightweight airplanes (Hard Alloy 6061 T6) which are oxidation free and rust proof.  

Roof Cover 

The outside cover used for roof is Soft PVC Blockout-850 GSM, fire retardant (international fire standard M2), waterproof and has high resistance for heat. The structure retains its initial shape and perfect tension thanks to the dimensional stability of the textiles. 

Side Cover 

The outside side cover used for sides are Soft PVC Blockout-850 GSM, fire retardant (international fire standard M2), waterproof and has high resistance for heat. The structure retains its initial shape and perfect tension thanks to the dimensional stability of the textiles.

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